Wyre Forest Model Railway Club


This group is made up of 2 layouts at present, as listed below, which can be exibited individually or joined together, either in a straight line (as below) or an ‘L’ shape.

Joining Section

This section can be used by any layouts in the Group as listed below. It can be used to join any 2 layouts  in a straight line or an ‘L’ shape.

Fiddle Yards

The extension of Fair T’Middlin to include Appen Colliery has highlighted some shortcomings in the fiddle yard arrangement which currently only has four tracks and can only cater for two coach passenger trains. A new fiddle yard is now under construction which has a traverser and can rotate 180 degrees. It also has eight tracks which can accommodate eight trains including passenger trains with three coaches and a tender locomotive. The same Fiddle Yards can be used by each layout.




Constructed in the Victorian

era, the railway nowadays is a

branch line from Fair providing

a regular passenger service

between the two towns.

Appen Colliery lies between Fair

and Eckerslike. The sorted coal

from the mine is loaded into

railway mineral wagons for

collection by BR steam locos.

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